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The Dr plays all of Alkaline Trio’s career changing 2001 release “From Here to Infirmary” at Swan Dive ATX on 10/2.


Dr Scientist


The band’s name may conjure up images of a brilliant madman and it may be close to the truth as referred to the alter ego of lead singer/guitarist and songwriter Trevor O’Connor, who acquired the nickname in college after wowing his coeds in the recording studio with his ability to master all aspects of the process of writing and recording music.  

Originally, the band blended the energy of punk rock with strong melodies and simple, driving grooves and Trevor’s knack of writing harmonies. Originally based in the NYC tri-state area, the bands relentless output produced two full lengths, two EPs and enjoyed increasing success in just a few years. Their increasing popularity landed them regular gigs to packed clubs around New Jersey,  in Greenwich Village and Brooklyn landmark music clubs. One high point was their celebrated show at the coveted Youtube Stage in Manhattan.


This growing popularity led to a national tour which brought them to perform for audiences in coveted markets such as Austin, Nashville and Portland. During this time of growth, Trevor and company continued to include more of their influences in their music and a listener may hear elements of old country, pop and even some funk.


So, what does the leader of a popular band in NYC do at the height of their popularity? He packs up and moves to Austin, Texas and starts all over again, bringing his long catalogue of songs with him.




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